About the HR ENTREPRENEUR program

  • Its a structured incubation program to train incumbents in the nuances of running a recruitment practice

  • It involves a 100 hour training program delivered by Anthroplace

  • It will be delivered out of our Kolkata, Jamshedpur and Delhi offices

  • Training for outstation candidates will be delivered via Skype

  • The training will last for two months broken into two hour modules over the period, following which the successful trainees will start out as HR entrepreneurs

Options after the course

  1. In case you are opting to continue as an HR entrepreneur, Training charges of Rs 5000/- will be reimbursed as an additional bonus on your second joinee along with your regular incentive payout.

  2. In case you are using this training program to up skill yourselves, you can just pay the training charges and continue on your independent career with any organisation. Our recruitment team will help you get a good placement in such a case.

  3. In case you want to continue with us, you can work here on a two month contract post your training, wherein your training charges will be refunded back to you as your stipend. This is subject to you clearing a formal interview at Anthroplace. You can thereafter continue with Anthroplace as a regular employee provided you meet all the criterion for the same and are agreeable to our salary package therein.

Goal of the program

  • Give current and relevant training to empower entrepreneurs for a future in the recruitment and HR industry

  • Keep updating the skills of such entrepreneurs with supplementary programs from time to time

  • Create a chain of partners for Anthroplace wherein all the partners benefit from a larger umbrella organization and derive cost synergies

  • Its not a franchisee arrangement, neither is it a licensing program. The aim is to create future entrepreneurs in the recruitment industry who can leverage the domain knowledge and expertise of Anthroplace to build their own organizations or private practice

  • Anthroplace will be willing to consider proposal of strategic investments in any such venture of the HR entrepreneurs. The investment will be subject to a thorough due diligence and may involve investments of upto 49% in the proposed new organisation.

HR Entrepreneur program: Salient features

  • Initial 100 hour training after which permission granted to start as HR Entrepreneurs.

  • You can continue to do any other business, service or any educational pursuit.

  • No fixed hours of working.

  • Client requirements are shared.

  • Pay out monthly as follows:

Net Billing Applicable Rate Max Payout (Rs)
0-40000 10.00% 4000
40001-70000 12.00% 8400
70001-100000 15.00% 15000
100001-150000 18.00% 27000
>150000 20.00% >30000
  • Option to opt for full time employment with Anthroplace if set targets of business are achieved.

  • Anthroplace will consider investments in the business of HR entrepreneurs on case to case basis.

    1. Logistics: You need to have your own laptop which you will use for your business. You can connect to the databases from our office and do backend processing back home. It is advisable to put in minimum 4-5 hours per day initially to do justice to this. Milestones have been set for 3 months and 6 months. If you achieve either of them, we will offer you full time employment at Anthroplace. You can however continue to work as an Entrepreneur if you so want.

    2. While in our office, you can use the office facilities like Internet, phone, resume databases etc free of cost.

    3. You can open your own firm and continue to do work with us as HR Entrepreneur. However in no circumstance would you be allowed to directly contact our clients and seek business directly in your name or in your firm's name. You are however free to solicit business in your name for companies which are not client's of Anthroplace.

    4. A further 5% of total billings of first 3 months across the organisation for a new client referred and signed up through you for Anthroplace, will be given as incentive to the entrepreneur who refers such a client. (For ex if you refer client A and Anthroplace bills 3 lacs total in first 3 month to client A, you will get 15,000 as incentive, over and above all other incentives that you make)

    5. Portal logins will be allowed only from our office premises. Access to our internal database is also from our office premises.

    6. When you open your own recruitment company, you are free to solicit business from any company except those which are already clients of Anthroplace.

    7. Anthroplace reserves the right to deny training or terminate this arrangement with any such chosen candidate for HR entrepreneur program at any point of time during the pendency of the training program or afterwards without citing any reasons thereof. Anthroplace is an ethics driven organisation and any breach of ethics or discipline or behavior inimical to the organisation will be dealt with severely.

    8. The training program has been designed and developed by Anthroplace for its own use and no one has the right to use any of the material fully or partly without the written consent of the management

    9. The database access is given with clear understanding that the same will be exclusively used for servicing client requirements given by Anthroplace. Any use of the database beyond the above mentioned will be considered illegal and company reserves the right to prosecute offenders in the relevant civil court.

    10. Any disputes will have jurisdiction of Kolkata and all such procedures will have to be conducted from Kolkata.

    11. Anthroplace reserves the right to change the terms of the financial arrangement based on market conditions. No prior permission from anyone will be required or sought in that regard.11. Anthroplace reserves the right to change the terms of the financial arrangement based on market conditions. No prior permission from anyone will be required or sought in that regard.

    12. Each and every HR entrepreneur will have a designated Mentor from Anthroplace who will handhold the entrepreneur in this journey.

    HR Entrepreneur program: Salient features

    1. Human Resource Management: An over-view

    2. Introduction to recruitments

        2.1. Genesis

        2.2. Current status of the industry globally and emerging trends

        2.3. Types of recruitments

        2.4. Career in recruitments

        2.5. Recruitment industry for an Entrepreneur: Opportunities and challenges

    3. The Supply side: Sources of candidate database

        3.1. Portal based databases

        3.2. Head-hunting

        3.3. Business events: Job fairs, seminars, conferences, industry meets etc

        3.4. Social events: Marriages, parties, sports meet, get-togethers

        3.5. Alumni network

        3.6. Online communities: Yahoogroups, orkut, zapak etc

        3.7. Media advertisements: print media, radio, television, outdoor media etc

        3.8. Referrals

        3.9. SMS push

        3.10. Sub-vendor channels

        3.11. Credit card/ DSA network

        3.12. Word of mouth

    4. Portal based sourcing

        4.1.1. 4.1 Random mailing

        4.1.2. 4.2 Job Posting

        4.1.3. 4.3 Database search

    5. Head hunting

    6. Secondary sources of database

    7. Database mining and management

    8. Modern tools for recruitment management

    9. The demand side :Domains in recruitments

    10. IT recruitments

        10.1. Skills spectrum

        10.2. Geographical spectrum

        10.3. Skill-salary matrix

        10.4. Demographic skill portfolio

        10.5. Industry and company knowledge

    11. Non IT recruitments

        11.1. ITES

        11.2. BFSI

        11.3. FMCG

        11.4. Pharma

        11.5. Retail

        11.6. Engineering & Infrastructure

        11.7. Life Sciences

        11.8. Media

        11.9. Education

        11.10. Hospitality

    12. The perfect interview

    13. Aggression : Impossible is nothing!

    14. Communication

        14.1. Email etiquettes

        14.2. Phone Equities

        14.3. The right pitch

        14.4. Requirement gathering

        14.5. Proper grammar and diction

        14.6. Intelligent conversations

        14.7. Wit and humour

        14.8. Objection handling

        14.9. Negotiation and closing strategies

        14.10. Effective job advertisements

        14.11. Corporate branding

        14.12. Personal branding : Ingredients and results

    15. Core recruitment skills

        15.1. Portal based sourcing

        15.2. Cold calling

        15.3. Head hunting

        15.4. Screening, short listing and scheduling

        15.5. Walk in management

        15.6. Campus hiring

        15.7. Presentation preparation and delivery

        15.8. Market Intelligence

        15.9. Reference checking

    16. Client Management

        16.1. The 123 theory

        16.2. The give and take formula

        16.3. Golden rules for client handling

        16.4. Identifying potential client

        16.5. Securing contracts

        16.6. Building your personal brand

        16.7. Top 10 mistakes recruiters make

        16.8. The theory of unbelievable service (Ron Koffman)

    17. Raising capital

    18. Cash budgeting and business forecasting: Basics of business plan making

    19. Capex for a recruitment startup

    20. Performance management

    21. Resource Allocation

    22. Best practices in recruitments

    23. Strategic management in recruitments

    24. Teaching methodology

        24.1. Classroom sessions by industry experts

        24.2. Case studies

        24.3. Field work

        24.4. Corporate internship

        16.5. Securing contracts

      • This would be a 100 hour contact program

      • 300 mark test at the end of the course of which 100 on theory, 100 on practicals and 100 from project report/viva voce

      • This would be the ONLY AND FIRST OF ITS KIND program all over India.

    How to register and start with the program:


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